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 **How do the EX(CHANGE) events work?**

a) At our EX(CHANGE) events, participants can bring gently used items they no longer need and exchange them for TOKENS. These tokens can then be used to acquire other items available at the event. It's a fun and sustainable way to declutter your home, find new treasures, and contribute to a circular economy.


b) What type of items can I bring to exchange?

We welcome a wide range of items, including clothing, toys, books, household items, and more. All items should be in good condition, clean, and suitable for reuse. Please refrain from bringing items that are damaged, heavily worn, or expired.

Please check each event details for the theme.


c) How are items valued for exchange?

Items are typically exchanged based on one item-one token. Our goal is to ensure fairness and equal exchange opportunities for all participants.


d) Do I need to pay to participate in the EX(CHANGE) events?

Yes, there may be an entry fee to participate in our EX(CHANGE) events. The entry fee helps cover event expenses and supports our community initiatives. However, once inside, participants can exchange items using the one item-one token system with no additional costs. Tokens are available to purchase if required.


e) Can I bring items for donation instead of exchange?

Absolutely! While our primary focus is on facilitating exchanges, we also welcome donations of items that you no longer need. These donated items are often distributed to local charities or individuals in need, helping to further support our community.


f) How can I stay updated on upcoming EX(CHANGE) events?

To stay informed about our upcoming EX(CHANGE) events and other initiatives, be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter. You can also check our website regularly for event announcements and updates.


g) Are there any age restrictions for participating in the EX(CHANGE) events?

Our EX(CHANGE) events are open to participants of all ages. However, children should be accompanied by a responsible adult, especially if they will be participating in the exchange activities.


h) Can businesses or organisations participate in the EX(CHANGE) events?

Yes, businesses and organisations are welcome to participate in our EX(CHANGE) events. Whether you're looking to exchange surplus inventory, promote your brand, or support our community initiatives, we invite you to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities.


i.) How can I get involved as a volunteer or sponsor for the EX(CHANGE) events?

We rely on the support of volunteers and sponsors to make our EX(CHANGE) events successful. If you're interested in volunteering your time or sponsoring an event, please contact us for more information on how you can contribute.


j) What COVID-19 safety measures are in place at the EX(CHANGE) events?

The health and safety of our participants are our top priorities. We adhere to all local health guidelines and implement measures such as sanitisation stations, social distancing protocols, and mask requirements to ensure a safe environment for everyone attending our events when necessary.

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