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Welcome to the VIP (YOU)SER Membership!

At RE(YOU)S C.I.C., we value our community members who are committed to positively impacting the world.

That's why we've created the (VIP) Vibrant Inclusive Partner (YOU)SER Zone,  AKA VIP(YOU)SER; an exclusive membership program designed to reward our most dedicated supporters.

What is the VIP (YOU)SER Membership?

The VIP (YOU)SER Zone is a unique membership program that offers a range of benefits to our valued members.

By joining the VIP (YOU)SER Zone, you can access exclusive perks, discounts, and meaningful opportunities to engage with our community.

Benefits of VIP Membership:

Free Access to EX(CHANGE) Events:

As a Vibrant Inclusive Partner (VIP) member, you get complimentary access to all EX(CHANGE) events hosted by RE(YOU)S C.I.C. Simply show your valid membership subscription at the door to gain entry and when booking online.


Sign up for VIP membership and receive three free TOKENS, which you can use to acquire items at our EX(CHANGE) events.

Access to Online Marketplace:

Get early access to our upcoming online marketplace, where you can buy, sell, or exchange sustainable goods with fellow community members.

Exclusive Newsletters and Updates:

Stay informed about the latest events, initiatives, and sustainability tips with our VIP-exclusive newsletters and updates.

Subscription Options:

Choose from three convenient payment schedules, all of which provide VIP benefits for an entire year:

Weekly Subscription:

Spread the cost over smaller, weekly payments for added flexibility.

Monthly Subscription:

Enjoy the convenience of monthly payments while maintaining VIP benefits throughout the year.

Annual Subscription:

A yearly subscription offers the best value with a single payment for 12 months of continuous access to VIP benefits.

How to Join

Ready to unlock VIP benefits and become part of an exclusive community dedicated to sustainability and social impact? Don't waste any more time.

Sign up for VIP membership today by clicking the "Join VIP (YOU)SER" button below or selecting the VIP membership option when booking an event.


If you have questions or need assistance with your VIP (YOU)SER membership, contact our team immediately at

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