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1. **What is RE(YOU)S C.I.C.?**
   - RE(YOU)S C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company dedicated to fostering positive social and environmental change. We organize events, workshops, and programs that promote sustainability, resource sharing, and community engagement.

2. **What makes RE(YOU)S C.I.C. different from other businesses?**
   - Unlike traditional businesses, RE(YOU)S C.I.C. operates with a primary focus on benefiting the community and the environment. Our profits are reinvested into community initiatives, ensuring that every action we take contributes to a positive social impact.

3. **How can I get involved with RE(YOU)S C.I.C.?**
   - There are various ways to get involved with RE(YOU)S C.I.C., including volunteering at events, attending workshops, participating in EX(CHANGE) events, or collaborating with us as a partner or sponsor.

4. **What types of events and workshops does RE(YOU)S C.I.C. organise?**
   - We organise a diverse range of events and workshops focused on sustainability, creativity, and community building. These include EX(CHANGE) events, creative workshops, and more.

5. **How do I participate in an EX(CHANGE) event?**
   - To participate in an EX(CHANGE) event, simply bring along new, unused, and unopened items that you no longer need. These items can then be exchanged for tokens, which can be used to acquire other items available at the event.

6.**What is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.)?**
  - A Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) is a type of business structure in the U.K. specifically designed to benefit the community. C.I.C.s reinvest their profits into community initiatives and are regulated to ensure their activities serve a social purpose.

7. **How does RE(YOU)S C.I.C. contribute to the community?**
  - RE(YOU)S C.I.C. contributes to the community by organising events and programs that promote sustainability, resource sharing, and social cohesion. We also support local initiatives and collaborate with community partners to address pressing social and environmental issues.

8. **Can I volunteer with RE(YOU)S C.I.C.? If so, how?**
  - Yes, we welcome volunteers to join us in our mission! You can volunteer by signing up for specific events or reaching out to us directly to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

9. **How can businesses collaborate with RE(YOU)S C.I.C.?**
  - Businesses can collaborate with RE(YOU)S C.I.C. in various ways, including sponsoring events, providing resources or venue space, or partnering on community projects aligned with our mission and values.

10. **How does RE(YOU)S C.I.C. ensure sustainability in its activities?**
  - Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We strive to minimise waste, reduce our environmental footprint, and promote sustainable practices in all our activities. Additionally, we aim to raise awareness and inspire action for a more sustainable future.

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