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Transform Your Space: Craft a Vertical Garden Using Recycled Bottles

Transform your living space with a sustainable project that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and contributes to environmental conservation. This DIY vertical garden using recycled plastic bottles is an excellent way to repurpose common household waste into something beautiful and functional. Follow these simple steps to create your own vertical garden, perfect for small spaces or urban settings.

Ready To Transform Your Space?

Coloured plastic bottles hanging from a fence with plants
Hanging bottle Garden

Materials Needed:

  • Clean plastic bottles (preferably in various colours for a vibrant look)

  • Utility knife or scissors

  • Drill or nail (for making drainage holes)

  • Strong twine or rope for hanging

  • Soil

  • Small plants or seeds (herbs, succulents, or small flowers are ideal)

  • Optional: paint or markers for additional decoration


Step 1: Prepare the Bottles

  • Thoroughly wash the bottles and remove all labels.

  • Use a utility knife to cut the bottles horizontally in half. You can cut them near the middle or adjust the size based on how deep you want your planters to be.

  • Smooth any sharp edges with sandpaper to ensure safety during handling.

Step 2: Paint and Decorate (Optional)

  • If you want to add colour to your garden, paint the bottles using outdoor acrylic paint or spray paint suitable for plastics. This step should be done before adding any holes to ensure a clean, even application. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 3: Add Drainage Holes

  • Drill or poke several drainage holes in the bottom half of each bottle. Make sure these are sufficient to allow excess water to drain but small enough to keep the soil from escaping.

Step 4: Prepare for Hanging

  • Make two small holes near the cut edge of each bottle, half for the twine or rope. These should be on opposite sides to ensure the bottle hangs securely.

  • Measure and cut the twine or rope depending on how many rows of bottles you plan to hang and the desired length of your vertical garden.

Step 5: String the Bottles

  • Thread the twine through the holes of each bottle half, securing each with a knot underneath to keep it in place. Arrange the bottle halves to hang with the opening facing outward and leave enough space between each to allow for plant growth.

Step 6: Fill with Soil and Plant

  • Fill each bottle half with soil, pressing lightly to ensure it's packed but not compacted.

  • Plant your seeds or transplant your seedlings into the soil. Consider the amount of sunlight and water each plant will need when positioning them in your garden.

Step 7: Hang Your Garden

  • This vertical garden can hang freely or be secured against a wall, a fence, or even a window, depending on your space and preference. Choose a location that receives appropriate sunlight for the plants you've chosen.

  • If hanging freely, ensure the installation is balanced and securely anchored from a stable fixture. If placing against a surface, secure the top of each row to hooks or nails that can support the weight of the bottles filled with soil and plants.


  • Regularly water your plants, taking care not to overwater them. The frequency will depend on the climate and the type of plants you've chosen.

  • Occasionally, feed your plants with a suitable fertiliser to ensure healthy growth.


This DIY vertical garden is a fun project and a great way to recycle and beautify your space sustainably. It's perfect for urban settings or small areas with limited ground space. Enjoy nurturing your plants and the beauty they bring to your home!

A large bottle on its side, a hole cut out of it, with soil and plants in the background there is grass
Bottle Garden

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